I give small businesses a professional option for marketing, branding, & photography services

Hi! I'm Katie!

About Me

I’m Katie, the person who is here to help elevate your small business! Just a few months after graduating college, at the age of 22, I bought a retail bead store (during a recession none-the-less) and proceeded to try to do it all! In an effort to save money, I did all my own marketing, photography (on a Blackberry - remember those?) and even accounting (I was only audited once). And when I sold that store 3 years later, I told anyone that my biggest takeaway was “hire out your weaknesses”. So I’m here, now, to be the person you hire so you can focus on your strengths!

I've worn many hats during my professional career, from nurturing young minds as an elementary school librarian to igniting creativity as a retail bead store owner. As a skilled photographer and a decade-long experience in the mortgage industry, I've developed a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping businesses succeed. Now, I'm excited to bring my expertise to the table and support small businesses in their journey to thrive – combining my love for organization, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Together, let's create a winning strategy for your business's growth and success!

I'm a proud dog mom! Meet Gus!

One of the biggest career joys is always seeing my work in the wild - here's a billboard I designed!

Like all true St. Louisans, you can usually find me at a Cardinals or Blues game!

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